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ATWEAR.CO was founded in 2016 by Eric and Casey Joseph. Eric has a creative background and Casey is a Registered Nurse working with kids.


What started as an idea for a clothing brand is now the belief that we have the opportunity to give back to our communities and do it in meaningful ways. ATWEAR.CO's purpose is to encourage each person to represent and give back to your communities, no matter who or where you are!  

We want to inspire those who have little and those who have a lot, because it takes a village.


Ultimately ATWEAR.CO wants to bring people together. We would like to ask local artists to create products that benefit local children. Offer creative mentorship programs, teach professional creative skills or maybe just introduce kids to creative professions.


Then finally, dream... dream....we would like to develop a creative space for kids to, dj, art, graphic design, etc. Ultimately, we would like each state to have their own @ logo and start their own give-back-to-community programs. 

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