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ATWEAR.CO is what exactly?

ATWEAR.CO is what we would call an omini-logo. It takes different shapes depending on its environment. 


The shape and characteristics of the identity are meant to be translated locally. Every state (possibly city too) can have an @LOGO and become part of the effort to give back to your own community. ATWEAR.CO doesn't want you to be a fan of just our brand but be a fan of us and whoever else you like. 


Here's what we mean...Say you're fan of the SF Giants fan? Great! You can buy an @HI hat in the Giants colors and wear it to the game – You'll be supporting the Giants and Hawaii while your purchase gives back to children on Island. Represent and give back! 

Imagine if there was a logo for every state or city that could be leveraged by any company to signal that they are giving back to their local community...All of OUR children will be in a better place. 

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